Marja's own songs published as Kohti

Kohti cover

When Marja had finished the lyrics for the album Kaiho, she asked Anton Belov to arrange four new songs that she had written. Anton had never before arranged music made by others but took the challenge. These songs written by Marja and arranged by Anton were published in December 2017 as an EP titled Kohti ('towards').

New viewpoints on making music: Kaiho

Kaiho cover

In February 2016 a southeastern musical wind started to blow towards Vuorenkylä (the village where Marja lives). Anton Belov, who makes Finnish-language music in Kiev, Ukraine, and performs it with his band Kauan, contacted Marja. He asked if Marja would be interested in writing lyrics to Kauan's new album. Marja decided to accept this surprising challenge. Anton's compositions and Marja's lyrics were published as Kaiho ('longing') in September 2017.

More information on Anton, the Kauan band and the Kaiho album

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